Fullcircle was started in 1984 a collaboration between
Russell Francis and Shaena Tantau who had both
shared similar history's in manufacturing and design.
Russell had started out with Ripcurl glassing and
shaping in its infancy in the late 60's when Torquay
was spawning the start of its global surf companies
a time of great excitement and a never say die attitude
and what followed thru the years was working in Australia
and overseas with different surf companies gaining
experience in all facets of the surf industry.


Shaena was involved in graphics,clothing design
and manufacture and worked both in Australia and
overseas extensively. A link to the surf culture thru
her cousin Vic Tantau an early pioneer in the local
surf scene made her interest in surfing unsurprising.
Together they would create a business that still seeks
to provide excellence in manufacturing and customer
service and after 25 years that passion that saw 
Fullcircle created is still pursued on a daily basis
and this website intends to give a glimpse of who
we are at Fullcircle and those things that we continue
to be interested in.

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