Our passion is surfing and we have a wide range of boards in our stores to give our customers an endless
choice,from the very beginner to the discerning competitor the very latest designs in the world are on show.
Custom boards are also available from many of Australia's top shapers.
Please contact us if you have any enquiries, or click on the following links to view the various models from each shaper.






Simon Anderson uses his many years of experience in shaping, surfing and working with team riders to create the best possible boards for all wave conditions. Legendary
If you’re super keen to get your hands on a surfboard designed with the future in mind and which supports your desire to push the boundaries of your surfing ability then Firewire surfboards are the only choice of weapon.
Darren Handley shapes remain at the forefront of cutting edge surfboard design with riders like Mick Fanning and Steph Gilmore enough said.






JS Industries::Little needs to be said about the Dream Team. Boards and a team without parallel. 
The Next Generation. Born to fly with little thought for the consequences....
Kelly, Dane the list goes on....the very best surfboards available to surfers worldwide.




Greg Webber is known as one of the most radical surfboard designers of all time.All boards feature epoxy technology SLX – Super Lightweight Construction. These boards are designed to perform.
The 7S range of surfboard features mainly Fish and Hybrid surfboards designed for all levels of surfers. Sizes range from 5'9" through to 8'0".
The range features one of the most popular surfboards in the world the - 7S Super Fish.
The Epoxy range of South Point surfboards features surfboard designs from world renown Surfboard Designers like: Carl Schaper, Jeff Timpone and Keone Downing in collaboration with surfers Bonga Perkins, Andrew Logreco and Dave Kalama.






The Surf Betty range needs little introduction. The 2008 range consists of longboards,shortboards and a new fish. The Surf Betty range has everything any entry-level or experienced female surfer could possibly need.
New Surf Project Surfboards are all about having fun and getting great value for your money. Epoxy surfboards that are built to perform. Designed with the beginner to intermediate surfer in mind.
Bob McTavish.His surfboard designs are well known around the world. This range of surfboards features a number of models all designed to help you get the most out of every wave.






With the likes of Josh Kerr and Jamie O'Brien there's little more to add.Radical surfers and in Oz shapes by Aido. Flexlite also available.
The Reality range has been well priced without compromising quality or performance. Polished boards with a range of sprays and sized between
7' to 9'6"
The ideal softy- solid board inside a soft shell. These boards are great for beginners to learn all the basic skills and more on.




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